3 Ways to Use Gamification for Increased Team Bond

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Collaboration is one essential factor when it comes to a successful business. Discovering the key to it is an even bigger accomplishment for your company. You might have gone for training over training and outings for your employees but that is already out of fashion.

We want to introduce you to the real deal of increasing team bonds. However, that will be through our specialty: gamification.

3 ways to use gamification for an increased bond. This is what we are going to focus on today!

Keep on reading to find out the most brilliant ideas for UPgrading your employee connection!

This is a no-brainer. Employees that are kept active, bond easier. That is because they are placed in an environment that challenges them to communicate and collaborate toward solving the given problem.

1. Teambuilding activities

Now, this is a way to outplay the struggle of real office life!  Teambuilding is a broad term. So is our expertise, which is why we are giving out some nice examples of teambuilding activities.

A game like the introduction game is a good portrayal of making newbies feel at home during their first days at work already. Or an office game, to make your employees familiar with their workspace as well as discover facts about the history of their company.

2. Giving consistent feedback

Communication is key at all costs. Tracking your colleagues’ and employees’ productivity during a set time can give you a better overview of their work. Therefore, the feedback will be more insightful and more relatable to them.

  • Letting your employees know what areas there is room for improvement in, should be a corporate staple. This can be done in various playful ways by preparing quizzes, for example, which can also engage the employee in question.
  • As a result, they will have the opportunity to undertake self-evaluation. Of course, no criticism without some positive touches!
  • Feeling heard and noticed has never been this important at the workplace. Fostering harmonious relationships with your colleagues and employees must be on your top priority list.

At the end of the day, having a professional talk could lead to some beautiful outcomes. In other words, you could end up building a meaningful friendship by showing efficient communication and vulnerability.

3. Collectively celebrating

Your company is not only a place where people work to get paid. In fact, it is an on-growing professional community that needs balanced dynamics.

Even a celebration can be gamified. Whether it is about a milestone of the company or a birthday, some socially engaging time with your employees can lead your team to an amazing place. Where? Just to more meaningful and trustworthy connections at the office.

An anniversary game could consist of interactive quizzes, playful assignments, and just the right setting for you to form a stronger bond with your employees.

We can imagine what you just read sounds fantastic. Gamification is not just another trend but a valuable tool for you to implement in your company for maximum success. The success we highlighted today is social, though. As you may know already, happy customers are made by happy employees. So, take care of your employees first!

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