4 Gamification Ideas That Improve Your Customer Experience

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Many companies are turning to gamification as a way to engage consumers and improve their experience. But to influence customer behavior, gamification needs to be implemented purposefully as part of an overall business strategy.

4 areas where gamification can improve your customer experience:

  • 1. Gamified Product Exploration
  • 2. Game Based Marketing
  • 3. Interactive Troubleshooting
  • 4. Gamified Loyalty
  1. Gamified Product Exploration

To improve the product selection aspect of your customer journey, you can gamify the experience: adding a recommendation quiz or turning product exploration into an interactive game.

Recommendations and interactive product exploration games make searching for products more convenient and enjoyable. Personal recommendations also take the work out of searching for relevant products — everything the customer sees is tailored to them.

2. Game Based Marketing

Your marketing campaigns determine your customers’ opinion of you and influence whether they visit your website, enter your store or buy your products. That’s why gamification in the customer experience is so important.

Therefore, it is mandatory that these campaigns create a positive brand experience for consumers.

Traditional campaigns tend to throw messages at consumers. Consumers do not choose when to engage with content, and content tends to be very sales-focused.

3. Interactive Troubleshooting

There’s no quicker way to alienate your consumers than to make something more complicated than it needs to be. Well-designed gamification breaks down complex concepts and explains them in an engaging, easy-to-understand way.

Imagine what this could do for the troubleshooting or FAQ section of your website. For example, an interactive quiz could identify a customer’s problem and guide them to a solution.

This type of interactive experience would make it easier for customers to find the information they are looking for. And it would be much more enjoyable than searching for answers in forums or manuals.

4. Gamified Loyalty

Gamifying your loyalty program helps improve your customers’ experience because it makes it fun – and worthwhile – to participate in the program. There’s something in it for your consumers, even if that something is just a really fun game.

Gamification elements, such as levels, progress indicators, personalized avatars and branded games, not only improve the user experience of your loyalty program, they can improve its effectiveness. They make it fun to constantly engage in your program.

And when you tie business goals to actions within the program, these gamification elements can help encourage members to do things like make purchases, participate in social media, or invite others to join your program.

In conclusion, consider the customer journey as a whole and identify areas for improvement.

You can then use gamification strategically to make those experiences enjoyable, simple and convenient.

Improving the customer experience may not be simple. But the reality is that having an excellent customer experience is no longer a nice “add-on.”

It’s not an extra benefit.
It’s not a “nice to have” if you can.
It is the only option if you want to capture and maintain market share.

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