5 Reasons Why Event Gamification Will Make Your Events Memorable

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I’m so excited to go to this agriculture finance seminar and listen to a budget expert talk for five hours – no one said ever said this.

People are now expecting experiences that stand out from the rest. And what they like is having fun, here’s why event gamification came into existence.

The boring corporate events belong to the era where people were allowed to smoke in their offices. 

That’s why I’m here to tell you about the benefits of event gamification and how to make people remember you for a long time afterward. 

1. Effective conversation starter 

We humans can be awkward sometimes. We’re all in the same event, for the same occasion, but we seem like we can’t go up to a stranger and just say “hi”. 

What if they’ll judge you? What if you’re bothering them? What if you get rejected? And the list of what ifs goes on and on until you just decide to stand there sipping on your drink until the end of the event. 

The purpose of events is to get to know each other, build a network, and spend some quality time where the sound of laughter is the music to our ears. 

Putting event gamification to use will give participants a clear topic to talk about.

Say you’re implementing a game where the people have to come together to answer some trivia questions about history. 

By leveraging gamification dynamics, you will give participants the opportunities to laugh together, discuss the answers, and expose their knowledge about a topic. And like that, your event’s guests start breaking the ice. Maybe you could be the root of new friendships.

If you like the idea above, then you should check out our MEET & CONNECT game for your next event. 

Give your participants an incentive to do that and give it a twist by making a competition. 

2. Friendly competition for a better harmony

I blame it on that little ego boost I have whenever I see my name on top of a leaderboard when my name is on the podium in Kahoot.

Of course, you don’t want to put too much at stake here. At a light-hearted event, people are  expecting to be entertained. Friendly competitions are a compelling way to achieve that. 

Include points and leaderboards. The winner may win a free cocktail.  

Bonus tip, make it a team game. They are amazing to reinforce the sense of belonging. 

3. “We” is better than “I”

In his book Influence: The psychology of persuasion, psychologist Robert Cialdini mentions that we tend to feel more connected to the other person when we do something together. 

Acting together increases our sense of we-ness and results in increased: 

  • Liking: Research proves that doing something together tends to make us like the  other person more. 
  • Sense of solidarity: the sense of belonging together is reinforced and bonds get more solid.
  • Sense of support: We tend to engage in more self-sacrifice when we have a shared experience together. Self-sacrifice is a consequence of a better connection among your audience. 

In this sense, game dynamics are powerful. 

Although you can’t fully control them because they are the result of your participants’ emotional response to them, you can always control the game mechanics that will steer them in the right direction.

4. Stirring emotions

Make the people laugh. Make them immersed in an experience. Give them a reason to solve a problem together. Have them hug each other. 

Game dynamics are amazing. 

As much as we want to believe that we are rational beings, it is simply hard to defeat the emotional appeal of things. 

Why do you get into drinking whiskey? Is it because you think it’s tasty or because you feel more like Don Draper in Mad Men

Your event’s participants attended for a reason, but all they’re going to talk about afterward is the emotions they have felt. 

88% of people trusted brands the most when a friend or family recommended them


5. Let people do the talk for you

People are going to talk about how much fun they had and how they want to come back for more. 

Word of mouth is a critical aspect of marketing. 

We share stories together. We recommend things and frown upon others. No one wants to be in the second category. 

Building a certain reputation among people will bring you new clients and will drive your revenues up. 

King of events, is that you? 

Now that you know the benefits of event gamification, you’re halfway through – you only need to do it now.

Ideas are endless, and your only limit is your imagination – and if you need help with that, you’ll only need to contact us and leave the rest to us.

Written by:
Majdi Hentati

About the author:
When he’s not writing, Majdi is either thinking about copywriting, reading or sleeping. He helps you to write compelling copies to reinforce your e-reputation. If you want to connect with him, he’ll be delighted to chat with you on his Linkedin.