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Make a first impression with an interactive tool for education. The recruitment and introduction of new students is a tough challenge for educational institutions. It is an important task to properly inform students in an innovative and catchy way. But how do you succeed in giving potential and prospective students the right image of the programme?  

Give the introduction a playful touch and take the students on an interactive quest through their new school. The focus is on fun, interaction and information. Using the latest technologies, we create challenging puzzles, riddles and fun assignments.   

UP Digital helps you with your own tailor made introduction game. Read for example the client case of HVA Commerciële Economie. They chose to let new students explore the Business Campus and its surroundings by means of a tailor-made introduction game.  

Innovative and impactful  

Armed with a smartphone, the students get to work with each other. The newcomers get an energetic kick off, have fun, possibly compete with each other and come to valuable insights. With the help of proven gamification techniques, a personalised and interactive tool provides: 

  • Clear impactful introduction
  • Social interaction and learning through play
  • Involvement and curiosity
  • A scalable, qualitative process to be operational quickly.

Creation of onboarding game 

At UP Digital we like short lines and a simple process. Based on your information and objectives we start working on all questions and lay-out. With our platform we can switch quickly and you also get access to the system so you can make changes if necessary. The results are transparent to you and can be followed online. This is how we make the best onboarding games there are.

We’ve got your back

Your tools are scalable and qualitative to ensure continuity.
All tools are playable in live, hybrid and online variants. Whether your tool has an individual or joint focus: At UP Digital we always make sure you get the impact you’re looking for.

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Introduction game

Give the introduction a playful twist and take the students on an interactive treasure hunt through their new school.

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