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An awesome CSR game

Bring corporate social responsibility to life by turning it into a game! In our CSR Game your employees learn about CSR in a fun way.

Corporate Social Responsibility is probably a subject that lives in your organisation. CSR refers to taking into account the effects of your business operations on people, the environment and society. It is probably part of your core values, but how do you bring this to the attention of your employees?

Up Digital can help you with that!

By implementing gamification elements we help you on your way to achieving your goals. The game consists of open and multiple choice questions, riddles, puzzles and fun assignments. We also apply various gamification game elements. Points can be earned and there is the possibility of a scoreboard.

We will talk to you to gather input and discuss your goals. We convert this into our CSR game, using proven successful concepts.

No more boring training sessions and throw that handbook out the window or better yet... in the paper bin!

What do you get from UP?

Tailor-made game

Our CSR game can be perfectly personalised and adapted to your wishes, theme or house style.

Are you curious about the CSR Game? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

The CSR game is including:

Starter package

  • Intake and brainstorming
  • Development of the script
  • Creating content
  • Production
  • Live!

What can you expect from us?

  • An overview with the results of the invitation/RSVP
  • We let the core values of your company emerge
  • Playful assignments
  • A scoreboard
  • The results of the game

Example trajectory MVO game

  • brainstorm about the need, problem statement
  • collect content
  • place content in tool
  • testing & improving details
  • successful integration and experience

Price MVO game

The costs are always made of a fixed start-UP Investment plus a price per participant.

Price Professional

Start-UP Investment

  • in consultation

1295,95/995,95 Excl. VAT (1568,10/1205,10 incl. VAT)

Service Fee

Price per participant(1 or more games)

  • in consultation

from 7,50 p.p. Excl. VAT (9,08 incl. VAT)