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General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This legislation has, among other things, strengthened and expanded privacy rights and increased responsibilities for organisations. But what does this mean for your organisation? How do you deal with sensitive information? What are the rights of those involved? And above all, how do you teach this to your employees in a fun and educational way? Our GDPR Game makes it possible!


At UP Digital, we use gamification to address this issue. Gamification is the application of game techniques and elements in a non-game environment. The goal of gamification is to motivate the players. Gamification is not about winning in the sense of difficult tasks or impossible tasks to achieve badges.

Players are motivated by recognition, fun and competition, among other things. We talk to you about your core values and goals and convert this into our game app.

The game consists of open and multiple choice questions, photo and video assignments. After the game is finished, we share the results. What did the players run into and what beautiful pictures were taken?

What do you get from UP Digital?

  • Intake and brainstorming
  • Elaboration of script
  • Creating content
  • Production
  • Live!

What can you expect from us?

  • An overview of the results of the invitation/RSVP
  • We let the core values of your company emerge
  • Playful assignments
  • A scoreboard
  • The results of the game

Tailor-made game

Our GDPR game is perfectly customizable and can be adapted to your wishes, theme or house style.

Are you curious about the GDPR game? Please contact us, we are happy to help.

Example trajectory GDPR game

  • brainstorm about the need, problem statement
  • collect content
  • place content in tool
  • testing & improving details
  • successful integration and experience

Price GDPR game

The costs are always made of a fixed start-UP Investment plus a price per participant.

Price Professional

Start-UP Investment

  • in consultation

1295,95/995,95 Excl. VAT (1568,10/1205,10 incl. VAT)

Service Fee

Price per participant(1 or more games)

  • in consultation

from 7,50 p.p. Excl. VAT (9,08 incl. VAT)