Office game

opening nieuw kantoor

Opening new office

Colleagues have been looking forward to the opening of the new office for a long time. A fun way to celebrate and immediately discover is through a game through all the rooms. Let employees experience a digitized treasure hunt with an app on their smartphone or tablet through the new office point. Discover where is which department, discover the escape routes and be surprised!

Instantly bring the new office to life with a game

In the 'new way of working' people often work partly at home and partly at the office. Precisely then it is even better to learn to find your way, to meet the people you see less and to go through your own office like an explorer.

The employees acquire knowledge about the physical working environment. You want to share the full potential of the new environment with the employees. A good working environment contributes to the motivation, satisfaction and productivity of the employee.

The game can also be used to introduce new employees to the office. Combine it with the onboarding game for an ultimate start!

How does it work?

We will talk to you: Do you want a one-off game or do you want a game that lasts longer? Do you want the game to be playable for customers and new hires as well?

Using your input, we build a game in our UP Digital app, using gamification techniques. The participants are given assignments, questions and can record an audio or video file, for example. The game can be played in teams or individually.

To keep the excitement going, we recommend adding a giveaway to it. Success guaranteed!

What do you get from UP Digital?

  • Interactive way to get to know each other and the organization
  • Open questions and multiple choice questions
  • Playful collaboration assignments
  • Nice joint closing where the answers pass by

Example trajectory New office game

  • brainstorm about the need, problem statement
  • collect content
  • place content in tool
  • testing & improving details
  • successful integration and experience

Price Office game

The costs are always made of a fixed start-UP Investment plus a price per participant.

Price Professional

Start-UP Investment

  • in consultation

5999,95 Excl. VAT (7259,94 incl. VAT)

Service Fee

Price per participant (1 or more games)

  • in consultation

12,50 / 10,00 p.p. Excl. VAT (15,13 / 12,10 incl. VAT)