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Recruitment game

Your own Recruitment tool, your own style, your energy. Here you show what the organization stands for.

New Generation

How do you reach Generation Z? The generation now entering the labour market is different from previous generations. How different is this generation? What do they find important and above all, how do you show what your organisation stands for?

Research by the British insurer Bupa shows that it would cut more than 30% jobs in companies with a bad environmental impact and that 54% are willing to accept (up to a quarter) less pay if the employer acts in accordance with its own standards and values.

In addition, only 40% think that their education has prepared them well for the labor market.

What does your organization offer this target group? And above all, how do you reach them?

What do you get from UP digital?

  • Interactive way to get to know the candidate
  • The candidate gets to know the organization in a fun way
  • Open questions and multiple choice questions
    playful assignments
  • We collect the data and share it with you

The recruitment game includes

Starter packet

  • Intake and brainstorm
  • Elaboration of the script
  • Create content
  • Live!
  • Results

Example trajectory Recruitment game

  • brainstorm about the need, problem statement
  • collect content
  • place content in tool
  • testing & improving details
  • successful integration and experience

Recruitment game

With our recruitment game from UP Digital you make an impact on the candidate. First of all, the candidate is introduced to the organization in a fun way. Does the candidate match your culture? Then we check which skills the candidate has.

We do this in the game app from UP Digital. In our game app, the candidates get different types of questions and fun assignments. This allows the candidate to leave a stunning impression. At the same time, you collect important data in an innovative way.

The recruitment game can also be used perfectly as a tool during a trade fair, career event or in-house career day.

Are you interested?

  1. Acquaintance

    We make an appointment to get acquainted. This can be done live or via an online tool. If necessary, we can immediately show you a demo so that you get a good idea of what we can do for you.

  2. Make proposal:

    You are of course immediately enthusiastic. We will then ensure that you receive a customized quote from us within 24 hours.

  3. Performance:

    As soon as you agree, we will get to work immediately. We’ll make sure you have your new tool available within 4 weeks.

Price Recruitment game

The costs are always made of a fixed start-UP Investment plus a price per participant.

Price Essential

Price per participant

  • in consultation

2999,95 Excl. VAT (3629,94 incl. VAT)

Service Fee

Price per participant (1 or more games)

  • in consultation

12,50 / 10,00 p.p. Excl. VAT (15,13 / 12,10 incl. VAT)