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Selection tool

Your own selection tool, your own style, your energy. This is where you express what the organization stands for. This is the next step in getting to know your culture. We believe that you first want to match the candidate with your culture, only then you start testing skills.

UP Digital's selection game makes an impact on the candidate and the candidate gets opportunities to make an impact on the organization.

During the selection process, the candidate will be given a number of questions and assignments in UP Digital's app. Through questions, audio and video assignments, the candidate can leave a stunning impression and demonstrate how she or he fits the culture of the organization.

What do you get from UP digital?

  • An interactive way to get to know the candidate
  • Open questions and multiple-choice questions
  • Playful assignments
  • We collect the data and share it with you

Tailor-made game

Our recruitment game is perfectly customizable and can be adapted to your needs, theme or corporate identity.

Are you curious about the recruitment game or do you have your own ideas? Please contact us without any obligation. We are happy to think along with you.

Example trajectory Selection game

  • brainstorm about the need, problem statement
  • collect content
  • place content in tool
  • testing & improving details
  • successful integration and experience

Price Selection game

The costs are always made of a fixed start-UP Investment plus a price per participant.

Price Professional

Start-UP Investment

  • in consultation

2999,95 Excl. VAT (3629,94 incl. VAT)

Price Professional

Price per participant (1 or more games)

  • in consultation

12,50 / 10,00 p.p. Excl. VAT (15,13 / 12,10 incl. VAT)