Make sure your organisation is future proof!

Future proof

Keep the organisation healthy now and in the future. Discover how UP Digital can help you in the employee journey to keep the employee and the organisation healthy. Think of cyber training, health & safety training, a CSR game and an AVG game.

We use various gamification tools to train these subjects in a fun and also effective way. Together with your organisation, we create a customised game or tool, based on proven concepts.

Why UP Digital?

  • We go on until you are satisfied
  • We meet expectations, preferably we exceed them
  • Value for money
  • We make it fun

Facts of UP Digital

  • More than 40,000 participants have gone before you
  • More than 15 years of experience in team experiences
  • More than 15 years of experience in successful teambuilding concepts
  • Known from BNR

Doing your job possibilities

Go to "Strategy implementation game"

Strategy implementation game

With a powerful tool, you bring the strategy to life and create awareness among your employees.

  • in consultation

from 5.999,95 Vanafprijs.

Strategie implementatie
Go to "Cyber security"

Cyber security

How do you keep your company safe in this digital age? With gamification, you ensure that all your staff are prepared for the future in a fun way.

  • in consultation

from 995,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Go to "Health and Safety"

Health and Safety

You can make Heath and safety easy and accessible for all employees, by means of gamification. No more boring training sessions!

  • in consultation

from 995,95 Vanafprijs.

Health and Safety Gamification
Go to "CSR game"

CSR game

No more boring training sessions and throw that handbook out the window or better yet… in the paper bin!

  • in consultation

from 995,95 Vanafprijs.

MVO games
Go to "GDPR game"

GDPR game

Pass on the GDPR information to your employees in a fun and educational way.

  • in consultation

from 995,95 Vanafprijs.

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