How To Engage Gen Z Employees

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In our previous blog post, we discussed how to engage the Millennials, but now, we have a new challenge! Generation Z – also known as Gen Z is taking over slowly but surely and trust me they are the changing the game so how do we make sure to engage Gen Z effectively?

Who Are The Gen Z Employees?

What is Gen Z then? Gen Z is the group of people who were born between the years 1997 and 2012. It is said that by the year 2025, the Gen Z group will make up at least 27% of the workforce. How can companies prepare for this shift and better engage Gen Z employees?

Let’s have a look at some interesting points about this specific generation. They are a group of entrepreneurs who thrive off collaboration in diverse communities and own the digital and social media space! Now that we know this about them, let’s try to make sense of how to best engage them.

1. Know your brand purpose

The reason why knowing your brand purpose is because Gen Z employees focuses mainly on how companies present themselves and they have high expectations around how brands use their power.

So by knowing your brand purpose you are able to align with the right environmental and social initiatives. When you present these attributes to Gen Z they are more eager to engage so get a grip on your brand!

Knowing your brand purpose also leads to being authentic. Don’t even think about approaching Gen Z with that fake ish! They can see right through you! So make sure your brand is as authentic as possible.

2. Take advantage of up-to-date technology

Surprise, surprise, surprise! I mean this one is a no-brainer. What else do you expect from a generation that grew up plugged in?

All this generation has ever known is a world filled to the brim with technology. So why not utilize this to engage them? How can you use technology to engage Gen Z?

  • Don’t get caught slacking! No but seriously, there is a reason why Slack is one of the most widely used communication and collaborative platforms in organizations. USE IT!
  • Create an interactive organization chart that allows employees to look each other up and learn more about each other. A good software is Pingboard.

3. Support employee growth

employee career growth
designed by: UP Digital

The thing with Gen Z is that they want more. More out of life, more out of everything they do and it is admirable! When you are that ambitious, you look for opportunities for growth wherever you go. This is why Gen Z would rather work somewhere where they know there is growth.

What do you do with someone who is not willing to settle for less in life? Well you step up your game! As a company you have to make sure to invest and show commitment to the growth of your Gen Z squad. Some examples of how to do this are:

  • Offer leadership training and assignments that prepare employees for the future
  • Ensure that internal candidates are included in the company’s workforce planning
  • Having a visible and transparent approach to the career path options that exist within the company.

4. Allow room for freedom

Forget the traditional 9-5 with this generation, their entrepreneurial spirit will simply not allow that! Because they are independent, they refuse to be tied down to a desk and doing mundane tasks.

You might think that this works for your organization, but for Gen Z, they will move to another better job! A generation so bold they are not afraid of switching jobs that don’t spark joy. Does your work place spark joy? If not, then Maria Kondo it!

  • Flexible hours, some people are night owls some aren’t
  • Flexible work spaces, don’t feel like being around people today? Then work from home! Or the beach! You pick.

5. To hell with diversity hires!

diversity in the workplace
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We all know the one company that started hiring minorities for ‘diversity’ purposes. I refuse to mention which one but which ever came to your mind then that’s the one. Gen Z has fought and is still fighting for more diversity and inclusion. If a company does not comply, guess what? You are getting called out and cancelled and rightfully so!

Globalization is in full effect and will get more intense to a point where everyone will be a local! Your organization needs to keep up, and say goodbye to watertight departments that only have the same gender or race.

The key here is to not only talk the talk but to walk the walk too. If you promote Pride Month but do not have any team members in the community that says something about your organization. Sort it out!

From an opinionated Gen Z, sincerely, do better.

Now that you know how to engage with the Gen Z workforce, what do you have to say about the future of the workforce? Is it in good hands or are you nervous?

Do feel free to share your thoughts with us! Shameless promo: UP Digital offers some cool solutions to keep your employees engaged from day one.

Until next time.