Concept development & gamification

Do you want to expand our City Games/Tour to the coolest cities all around the world? If you are interested in finding the most awesome hotspots and the best fun facts about cities around the world, then this is your chance! 

You will be given the responsibility to research the city and find the spots that our customers need to see during their City Game/Tour. Found the best spots? Then it is time to build the game. Test it in the city and make improvements, to create the best experience for the customer. Don’t forget to write a blog about the city, so the customer knows what to expect! When the game is ready, it will be offered to our customers. Time for you to explore the next city!

Furthermore, we are also working on new city game/tours concepts. By testing and brainstorming together with your colleagues you can actively participate in that process and bring your ideas on the market. Let’s make it a game!

Who are we

UP Digital is an accessible company. We want to connect people in an inspiring environment where cheerfulness, experiences and pleasure are paramount.

We are open, pragmatic, approachable and a bit unruly. We focus on creating city games and gamifying serious topics for our corporate clients.

Our core values, this is what we stand for

  • take care of each other (happy employees and happy clients)
  • enjoy life & work (positive & fun)
  • be better, every day (quality/ambitious)
  • do the right thing (moral compass)
  • be different (unique/unexpected)

Requirements for intern

  • HBO education with corresponding thinking and working level
  • Flexible work attitude, no 9 to 5 mentality
  • Minimum internship period of 20 weeks
  • At least 4 days a week
  • Dutch residence permit

Fields of study; Creative business, Leisure & Event management, other relevant courses

You can expect this from us

  • A versatile and educational internship with great freedom
  • Inspiring workplace
  • A place within a young and above all enthusiastic team
  • Versatility and activity
  • The opportunity to help build a growing company

A selection of your work

  • Creating new gamification concepts
  • Designing, building and testing gamified products 
  • Working on Gamification projects for corporate clients
  • Customizing gamification products for new clients
  • Improving our current concepts

Your talents

  • Creative
  • Ambitious
  • Linguistically strong (English or Dutch)
  • Thinks in solutions
  • Interested in games and gamification
  • Spontaneous, open and humorous… because life is a party!

Interested in the concept development & gamification internship

Are you interested and do you want to be considered for this internship at UP Digital? Do not hesitate and send your motivation letter and CV. Please state in the subject which internship position it concerns and clearly state in your letter when your internship starts and how long your internship period lasts.

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +31(0)23 205 2340

Address: Hendrik Figeeweg 1T, 2031 BJ Haarlem

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