The best energizers

Energizers are short, between 10 and 30 minutes, activities that raise the energy level. An energiser is often used as a variation in a programme, such as a brainstorming session, meeting, conference, teambuilding session or event.

Our game get participants moving. This ensures a healthy and creative brain. As a result, the remainder of the session will be more productive.

Why an energizer?

The energiser helps to refresh a group of participants during a long sit-down or continuous activity. Whether online or offline.

We have developed a number of varieties that can be played online and offline. In addition, they can be played DIY and with guidance.

UP Digital’s sister company UP Events is the specialist in team building. In cooperation with UP Events UP Digital can offer online, hybrid and physical events. Are you planning an outing, event or meeting, but can’t find the answer? Please contact one of our colleagues. They can help you find the most suitable teambuilding activity for your group.

Kennismakingsgame Knowing you, knowing me

Meet & Connect

Break the ice at meetings and events. A simple way to make contact quickly.

Into Fresh Air Online UP Digital

Into fresh air

Back on track with one of our original online energizers