About UP Digital

Up Digital is the specialist for gamification and improving teams. UP Digital helps you boost your recruitment, onboarding, strategy implementation, vitality, team building and much more in a fun way with gamification experiences. For all these elements during the journey of your employee through your organization UP Digital has a physical, digital or hybrid solution. From individual, to team, to organisation; We go in depth in a fun way. Why fun? For two reasons: The human brain intrinsically seeks pleasure and pleasure connects people more powerfully than any other human experience.


Gamification is the application of game design elements and game principles in contexts other than games themselves. Gamification works by using techniques to harness our natural desires to improve activities or processes. These improvements can be related to user engagement, organisational productivity and education. Socialising, learning, mastery and competition are examples of these levers. To successfully implement gamification, it is important to have knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses and to use a data-driven approach to design and implementation.

UP Digital Brand Promises

  • We go on until you are satisfied
  • We meet expectations, preferably exceed them
  • Value for money / you get value for money
  • We make it fun

Facts about UP Digital

  • More than 40,000 participants have gone before you
  • More than 15 years of experience in team experiences
  • More than 15 years of experience in successful teambuilding concepts
  • Known from BNR

Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.


We make teams better



Break the ice at meetings and events. A simple way to make contact quickly.

  • 0,5 hour
  • from 10

from 14,95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Serious gamification UP Digital
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Onboarding game

Create a clear and impactful onboarding tool to successfully introduce your new colleague to your organization in a fun way.

  • in consultation

from 5.999,95 Vanafprijs.

onboarding game up digital
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Strategy implementation game

With a powerful tool, you bring the strategy to life and create awareness among your employees.

  • in consultation

from 5.999,95 Vanafprijs.

Strategie implementatie
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Use gamification in your recruiting process. Our tools are made to make the best candidates curious and to bind them to your organization.

  • in consultation

from 2.999,95 Vanafprijs.

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About UP

UP Digital is an accessible company. We want to connect people in an inspiring way where team spirit, experience, and impact are paramount.

We are open, pragmatic, approachable, and a bit contrary. 

Taking care of each other

We care for each other and for our customers, we enjoy ourselves, we are a little different, we do what is right and we always want to do it better, every day! We are driven by our passion to boost the success of your organisation.

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Recruit new students with a scalable, interactive introduction tool. An innovative first introduction with impact and fun!

Conceptontwikkeling & gamification


Use one of our (online) energisers. Short activities that provide variety for the participants, release energy and focus their attention.