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The MEET & CONNECT game is an introductory game that is suitable for everyone. The game consists of several assignments and challenges you to find a partner you haven't met yet. Together you have to fulfill an assignment. When fulfilling an assignment you rotate partners.

Who will be the first to finish and score the most points?

The MEET & CONNECT game is an introductory game that contains gamification game elements. Gamification is the ideal way to get more out of your event, but what does it involve?

What can you expect from the MEET & CONNECT game?

  • Interactive way of getting to know each other
  • Open questions and multiple choice questions
  • Playful cooperation assignments
  • Fun ending together where the answers are given
  • Optional: A host to guide the game
  • Optional: DIY variant, where you guide the game yourself

Timeline example of a MEET & CONNECT game

  • introduction to the game
  • carrying out assignments and challenges
  • end with showing pictures

Gamification and MEET & CONNECT

It is the application of game techniques in a non-game environment, for example during an event or meeting. These game elements increase involvement and motivation, partly through the use of competition.

UP Digital can help you make your event successful and impactful. Our MEET & CONNECT game is a short energetic game with riddles, puzzles, and fun assignments. Perfect as a break or icebreaker.

In addition, the game contains a scoreboard, which allows players to keep track of their own scores and those of other players. The game is challenging, short, and energetic. Whereby competition and rivalry are guaranteed.

When the introductory game is over, the results are displayed on a large screen. The photos and results are shared, hilarity to the max!

Tailor-made games

Our MEET & CONNECT game can be perfectly personalised and adapted to your wishes, theme or house style.

Are you curious about the Meet & Connect game? Please feel free to contact us, we would love to help you.

Leisurely introduction

Meet and Connect Game Gamification

Price MEET & CONNECT game

The costs consist of fixed start-up costs plus a price per participant.

Price at UP Events

€250.00 to add 3 customised questions & logo/ including instructor

  • 30 minutes of play (including kick-off and conclusion)
  • 10 – 10000

14,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (16,30 incl. VAT)

Price at external locations

€250.00 to add 3 custom questions logo/ choose between DIY or with an instructor

  • 30 minutes of play (including kick-off and conclusion)
  • 15 – 10000

14,95/ 24,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (18,09/ 30,19 incl. VAT)

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