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MEET & CONNECT is the ultimate icebreaker for meetings, conferences and any other event that involves connecting people. With the game, which consists of 12 challenging missions, each played with a different partner, MEET & CONNECT creates a dynamic atmosphere where relationships are built and cooperation is encouraged.

With our proven gamification strategy, you increase the involvement and motivation of your participants. Gamification takes your event to the next level by integrating game elements into a non-game environment. Your participants are challenged with riddles, puzzles and funny photo assignments, immersing them in an interactive adventure full of fun and competition.

At UP Digital, we understand the power of a successful event. Our MEET & CONNECT game is specially designed to make your event more impactful. It provides a seamless icebreaker and instantly creates a lively and enthusiastic atmosphere. The scoreboard adds an extra element of excitement, allowing players to compare their own performance to others.

When MEET & CONNECT comes to an end, the results are presented on a large screen. This provides a spectacular denouement and shares achievements and hilarious moments with all participants. Make your event a resounding success with MEET & CONNECT, the game that takes energy, team spirit and connections to unprecedented levels!"

What can you expect from the MEET & CONNECT game?

  • Press play and start! No host needed
  • Interactive way of getting to know each other
  • Open questions and multiple-choice questions
  • Take videos and selfies together
  • Playful cooperation assignments
  • Fun ending together where the answers are given
  • Optional: Possibility to personalize your own game!

Widely applicable and perfectly customizable

Our MEET & CONNECT game can be perfectly personalized and adapted to your wishes, theme or house style.

Are you curious about the MEET & CONNECT game? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you.

Example Timeline MEET & CONNECT Game

  • Warm-up and introduction to the game
  • The participants will have to fulfil the missions and challenges
  • The game is over, photos and results will be shared


Play DIY or with host

Price DIY

  • 30 minutes of play (including kick-off and conclusion)

3,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (4,78 incl. VAT)

Host presents MEET & CONNECT

  • 30 minutes (including kick off and wrap up)

350 Excl. VAT (423,5 incl. VAT)