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Event game

Event game: add gamification to your business event. Gamifi-what? With our Event game, you apply a game layer to your event, conference, or corporate festival. This way you create better connection and interaction between your guests. Fun and educational, in a playful jacket. The Congress game is an indoor or outdoor activation in which people compete with each other individually or in small teams of 2-5 persons. Armed with a smartphone or tablet, participants will answer various questions and assignments in our game app.

Spread over the location are various assignments that the players must activate. In this way, they try to earn as many points as possible. They solve riddles and find clues to emerge as the winner(s). The playing field of the game can be adjusted as desired. The game can be played outdoors with GPS points, but also indoors with QR codes. And to play as a clue or quiz game.

The content of the Event game, just like the duration and number of participants, can be determined according to your wishes. For example, we integrate existing and proven content from UP Digital, with personalized aspects that are relevant to your visitors. We can easily add questions about vision, core values, corporate culture, or about the content of speakers.

With this, you send your visitors back home inspired and happily surprised. We use game elements in the Event game to bring participants in contact with each other and the environment in a playful way. Think of fun facts and fun photo assignments. The possibilities are very diverse. The participants have fun in this way and gain great insights.

What is possible among other things

  • Open and multiple choice questions
  • Open questions, with which participants can share their own vision
  • Questions where they have to enter a photo or video as an answer
  • Questions about a photo or video that appears on screen
  • After answer clues: for correct answers players will receive extra information in the Event game (for example letters, where you have to guess an end word or sentence at the end)

Example questions Event game

  • Which UP Digital colleague do we see depicted in this photo in his younger years?
  • How many nationalities do UP Digital employees have together?
  • Take a photo in which you creatively represent the core values ​​of UP Digital.

Example timeline Event game

  • making the script
  • deliver content
  • making the tour/game
  • testing and feedback
  • launch the tour/game

How the Event game works

Your own Event game is professionally composed by UP Digital. Via a questionnaire that you fill in, UP Digital receives the correct information and images to deliver a qualitative game. Depending on your end goal and target audience, we will put together a balanced game. During your event, the UP Digital instructor ensures that all the tablets are ready for the participants to play the Event game. Because our application is downloadable for free in the App and Playstore, it is also possible to play with your own smartphone. Participants scan the QR code, the game starts and the “serious game” can begin.

Results of the Event game

During and after the Event game, all results (answers, photos and videos) can be viewed by all players. With this you can enjoy and discuss the game afterwards, get insights from the data and show photos in a slide show. During the drinks afterwards, we display the images, which are a great conversation starter and this helps your guests to connect with each other even more.

Price Event game

The costs are made up of fixed start-up costs plus a price per participant.

Start-UP costs, styling and own content

  • in consultation
  • from 50

500 Excl. VAT (605 incl. VAT)

Price per participant

  • in consultation
  • from 50

9,95 p.p. Excl. VAT (12,04 incl. VAT)

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