As a lifelong job is a term in the past, there will be a moment when employees offboard from their old company and start a new life. An offboarding tool can help make this transition much easier and less depressing. It will also give a nice happy ending to employee journey and wish them happiness and good luck in their future.

The departing employees can say goodbye to their colleagues by using the offboarding tool. For the organisation, it will make sure that the employee leaves as an ambassador instead of telling negative stories. Also, it could be a good chance to get feedback to improve.

Want to give a nice farewell to your departing employee? Let’s play a game! And help your employee to have a nice final day at work.

You know what they say ‘the ending is a start of a new beginning’

Creation of offboarding game

With UP Digital, making an offboarding game is a simple process. All you can do is tell us your information and platform and we will create an offboarding game that is best for your company. For more, check out our offboarding game.

Good offboarding game

There are multiple ways to create an offboarding moment. But, which one is effective?

An effective offboarding game will:

  • Reveal why people may seek different paths
  • Uncover friction points
  • Reduce data security risks
  • Mitigate legal risks and sustain compliances
  • Pinpoint opportunities for improvement as an organisation and employer

In UP Digital, we will make sure that those points are taken care of.

We’ve got your back

Your tools are scalable and qualitative to guarantee continuity. All tools can be played in live, hybrid, and online variants. Whether your tool has an individual or joint focus: At UP Digital we always make sure that you always achieve the impact you are looking for.

Offboarding possibilities

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Offboarding game

Neem afscheid van werknemers met onze interactieve offboarding game. De beste en snelste manier om om brand ambassadors te creƫren.

Offboarding game by UP DIgital