Preboarding options

Make a razor-sharp first impression with our interactive preboarding tool.

The preboarding options of UP Digital help to quickly make the individual part of your team and organization a fun way. The focus is on introducing the history, corporate culture, strategy, and core values. By means of playful questions, assignments, puzzles & riddles, we make this the best and most impactful preboarding ever. An active and interactive way to make your employees enthusiastic about your company and to touch them with impact. UP Digital helps you with your own tailor-made preboarding game. For example, read the client case of DURA VERMEER.

All the tools are designed to energize your newcomers. Using proven gamification techniques, a personalized and interactive tool delivers:

  • Clear and impactful introduction
  • Social interaction and playful learning through game elements
  • Commitment and Curiosity
  • A scalable, high-quality process to be operational quickly

Clear and Impactful

All questions and assignments in our preboarding games can be customized. The vision, core values, corporate culture, products, and informal aspects of an organization are processed into the game through questions, videos, and photos. The participants scan QR codes with a tablet or smartphone and discover the entire company at the same time, literally and figuratively. They have fun, possibly compete with each other and come to valuable insights.

Your own preboarding game can be set up in many different ways. Possible challenges that can be addressed are:

  • What do you want new employees to know about the company and its products?
  • Let new employees understand and experience the company strategy.
  • How do you teach employees the DNA of the organization?
  • How do you want to communicate the core values?

Creation of preboarding game

At UP Digital we like short lines and a simple process. Based on your information and objectives, we will work on all questions and layout. With our platform, we can switch quickly and you also get access to the system yourself so that you can make changes if necessary. The results are transparent for you and can be followed online. This is how we make the best preboarding games out there.

We’ve got you back

Your tools are scalable and qualitative to guarantee continuity. All tools can be played in live, hybrid, and online variants. Whether your tool has an individual or joint focus: At UP Digital we always make sure that you always achieve the impact you are looking for.

Preboarding possibilities

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Preboarding game

Introduce new employees to your company through UP Digital's Preboarding game. With this interactive game, you will introduce newcomers to the company in a fun way.

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