How to Choose the Best Rewards in Gamification

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Knowing the way to choose your best strategies in gamification is key to success. When choosing gamification as a strategy to improve your workplace, you must take into consideration certain factors that would take you to your desired outcome. How to choose the best rewards in gamification? This question might pop up in your mind.

Therefore, we want to reveal a few types of rewards used in gamification for you to get a better hang of the entire concept.

Keep reading for some epic insights into the best rewards in gamification!

Fixed action rewards

These are the most basic rewards, that the user expects when participating in a gamified event. It primarily has to do with collecting points in order to reach a certain target. The exact same procedure can be found when playing Meet&Connect.

The steps that have to be taken by the player come with a number of points accumulated for a final score. Therefore, collecting points for a reward, such as winning in an office game is a primary incentive for employees to complete their tasks normally during the day.

Random rewards

On the other hand, we have random rewards, which are self-explanatory and unexpected. Introducing every now and then a surprise factor into your game or daily office routine adds some entertainment to a mundane routine.

For example, getting your pictures taken during an onboarding game printed as a souvenir is relevant. You have fun, become more creative, and receive an unforgettable souvenir!

Reward planning & perceived value

For the user of your product to be ultimately satisfied with the experience, you need to look into the frequency of rewards. In other words, you must have a clear picture of the number of rewards per gamified event/activity.

The perceived value is closely linked to the challenge-effort ratio. Therefore, the effort level should be as high as the challenge. That is how the user will also get motivated to complete it. If the challenge is high, with plenty of rewards, the user’s effort will also tend to be higher.

After this general representation of how to choose rewards in gamification for optimal events and activities, we are sure you got the hang of it! Once you determine the sort of rewards you implement into the gamified event, you will be more or less aware of the user’s behavior.

This was it on how to choose the best rewards in gamification. If you are interested in more gamification-related topics, check out our other blogs and our website!