The supreme guide to improving Gen Z employee engagement

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Having a diverse generation in the workplace nowadays is a pure blessing. Incorporating more and more young talents and promoting their input is something that is becoming imminent.

This is the supreme guide to improving Gen Z employee engagement!

Just take a look around your office. There is an increase in young employees who have slightly different work ethics and expectations. That doesn’t mean you should change your ways drastically but implement some guidelines that will suit a younger generation of employees. Not only will it attract more young employees, but it will also retain them.

Already interested in this topic? Keep on reading the supreme guide to improving Gen Z employee engagement.

Gen Z values

First and foremost, Gen Z is an innovative generation ranging between 12-26 years of age. They are known to be more pretentious in terms of working conditions and values, as they have grown up within the digital area. Can you already relate?

Well, the most common trait of a Gen Z-er is the ambitious spirit that has arisen due to their desire to become independent and self-governed.

As a result, they are aware that a balanced life, namely an equal work-leisure ratio is essential to thriving long-term. They advocate the importance of mental health at the workplace and are definitely not afraid to request remote work if they need it.

1.   Implement their values & provide them with creative opportunities

Are you going to take their values into consideration? You will be their best friend. No doubt. Make them feel heard and challenge them. No Gen Z-er will appreciate a dull working environment with no innovative touch.

While older generations will comply with the traditional working conditions, Gen Z will always strive for better, for change.

While you let them express their creative and entrepreneurial nature, give them opportunities to improve them as well. For example, if you just hired a Gen Z at your company, make sure you introduce them to the workplace by offering them an onboarding game.

Is your office building huge and lots of people complained it was too difficult to get around? Organize an office game. Is it time for your new employees to break the ice and bond? Don’t hesitate to introduce them to the MEET&CONNECT app.

2. Support their interpersonal collaboration

A healthy social environment at the workplace is also a Gen Z guideline. Gamification is an aspect to consider when brainstorming ideas to implement for better collaboration among employees.

Besides, the sense of community at the workplace is crucial for Gen Z to be efficient in their work. Fostering teamwork is the way to go for any Gen Z!

An introduction game is something to consider when you don’t know where to start. Creative assignments toward a common goal will always be appreciated.

3. Give consistent feedback

As we mentioned before, collaboration at the workplace is key for Gen Z. You might be wondering why. Well, the thought of knowing where they are at in terms of performance and productivity is something they want to be monitored by their supervisors.

You are right, it is because they strive to become better every day. Infrequent meeting regarding performance is not enough to satisfy a Gen Z-er, so reconsider your agenda for more continual feedback talks with your young employees.

So… this was a brief guide to getting you a clearer idea of how to engage your young employees more. It’s nothing new under the sun regarding how Gen Z wants to be treated at their jobs.

New generations mean new guidelines, so don’t be afraid to change as an organization. Adapt to new people because, at the end of the day, the future will consist of them.

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